Woman/young BOW


This bow is combination of glass fiber, vegetable tanned cow
leather with antique colors, embossed patterns and natural linen cord.
This bow is ideal for adult men.
For the origin of our decorations click on the logo:
The bows below are only differ in the leather design and color.

See the details below

Average weight : 570 g (1.25 lb)

Length of string : 103 cm (40.5 ")

Length strung: 108 cm (42.5 ")

Length unstrung: 122 cm (48.0 ")

Draw weight: 20-40# / 26 "

Max draw length: 27 "
3 years guarantee for fiberglass bow part!*
The kit contents: one bow with bowstring +
one spare bowstring for free, all in wooden
transport box.
Price:  135€

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(*breaking and torsion, 1 year for the other parts)